sreda, 23. januar 2013

"New Beginnings"


This is My card for Marvelous Magnolia Challenge. I`ll turn back later for the description.

6 komentarjev:

  1. Wow stunning card, I love the colours and the embellishments are beautiful.

  2. Prekrasna...meni so tvoji izdelki tako zelo všeč, da prav razmišljam, da bi si jo naročila za rojstni dan... :))

  3. Hello Barbara,

    A wonderful card you have created. Beautiful colored and a beautiful layout.I don't know if you have read our new rules, but would you be so kind the next time and no more log in the category of "beginners". This is really intended for people who are just beginning and little to no victories, guestdesigns and top 3/5 places have achieved. Thank you for joining us by Marvelous Magnolia and be welcome next time.
    With love from Holland, Dorothy

  4. Čudovita je; res, tvoje voščilnice so tako nežen in polne drobnih detajlov :-))
    Zelo zelo všečna!