petek, 29. avgust 2014

Creative Bloggers Hop

Hello Everyone!

Hope you have seen the Creative Bloggers Hop in blogland. This is a continuous hop every Monday (I'm late with my post!!! So sorry!!!) with a host of creative and inspirational bloggers taking part.

I'm really honoured that I was chosen for this blog hop by Annette. (Visit her blog!!!)  She is a fabulous artist!!! I'll be really briefly. I'm not really good in English. I have learned it many years ago and if you don't speak or wrote  often you forgot a lot...
For helping me she send me few questions. Here are my answers.
What are you working on at the moment?
This is a very difficult period for me. After many years I stay home (I'm without job) with my 3 little kids and my hubby of course... lol... but all my spare time I spend with creating. Currently I'm  colouring. I'm using Tinch'y technique with a white embossed border. It's fantastic for winter images. I try to create cards and more for September's challenges with Magnolia and Little Darlings images.

How does your work differ from others?
I'm definitely a lover of no-lines technique.  And this makes me different from other fabulous artists.
I love soft colours, no "aggressive" images and vintage or shabby chic style.
The truth is that I never thought about 


Why do you create what you do?
I have to admit that painting  soothing me. Always after hard days I'm spending most time with colouring...  

How does your creative process work?
I don't have my craft room. So I use my dinner table for painting, cutting, sewing... 
I start always with images and colouring. When I finished with this one I choose papers. And then I have a pause because I'm an eternal indecisive!!! After that and when I'm decided I continue with work. I die, sew, distress and glue... At the end of my creating the table is so full of everything that I don't know what I would rather to clean. LOL
This is a little about me.... I'm definitely not a good writer. :-) 

And here are  three ladies who inspired me every time with her creations!
- Tina Makuc with her fabulous colouring and her immense sense for precision. 
- Becky Hetrington with her absolutely stunning works. She is an amazing artist.all
- Diana Adamski  and this is another fabulous artist. I always admire her cards. She start with distress painting recently but looks that she used them always

This is all from me.
Thank you for popping over my blog today and for reading! 

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  1. It's lovely to read more about you Barbara. You will continue to be an amazing inspiration to me.

  2. Nice to know more about you too Barbara, it's true if you learn something and don't do/use it often enough you forget how it's done....Glad you haven't forgotten