četrtek, 25. avgust 2016

Bluebelle Parade ... LDRS creative

Hello everyone,
After a brake for vacation Today I hope to inspire you with my new LDRS creative DT card made with Candibean Bluebell Parade stamp.

The beautiful dies used are from new LDRS creative release: 
My colouring.... step by step:

... and the coloured image...
I hope you'll love these cute little mice like me!
Happy crafting!
Barbara GR

4 komentarji:

  1. Barbara, hvala za korake, s katerimi si pokazala svoje fantastično barvanje. Čudovita štampiljka in še lepše pobarvana.

  2. wow!!! thank you for this coloring tutorial! very beautiful and I love the grass

  3. Gorgeous and lovely to see the step-by-step. I'd love to watch you colour. How do you do the blue around the image without the colours bleeding? I do the same, but have real problems with the colours in the image bleeding out to the 'sky'.