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Shadow box tutorial ... La La Land crafts

Hello everyone!

Barbara here with my inspiration Thursday project.

Today I'm sharing with you a shadow box card. 
You remember my Friday's card?
This is my tutorial...

I used kraft paper of  dimensions 12 " x 12 ".

Score at 1", 1" 1/2, 2" 1/2, 3" and at 9", 9" 1/2, 10" 1/2, 11". Turn paper and score again.

Here we have the "cut template".

Cut the paper...

Then score over all the lines, apply double glue tape on the inner side of flaps and assembly the shadow box.

Now you have a shadow box.
Nex step... cut out another piece of kraft paper. This time the  dimension is 6" x  12". 
You need this one for the card. Stick it on the back side of your shadow box.

Then cut out 2 x 4 pieces of design paper. 
Dimensions are 7/8 x 6" 1/8 and 5/8 x 5" 6/8 and 
another one square 4" x 4".

Stick them ...

I cut out Winter Hill from Club Kit and Two Trees also from Club La-La Land Crafts Club Kit. 

 Then I cut out Poinsettia Wreath...

 Glue all your pieces... give them a dimension with  double sided sticky foam ...

... and your card is done... only the first part. LOL

LLLC dies used for made this ard are:

My card

More pics tomorrow! LOL

Hugs, Barbara GR

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